French Bulldogs in Texas

Top Quality Frenchie Puppies

Excellence in Breeding


Our Frenchies are AKC. AKC is the only DNA Sire Parentage tested registry in the world.


Our Frenchies are bred to the breed standard temperament to be the class clown that makes you laugh and are enjoyable to have around.


Frenchies are known to be super cuddlers. Offering a lazy lap dog to watch t.v. with and occasionally get the zoomies!

Health Guarantee

Our Health Guarantee backs up our commitment to produce quality.


Experience the benefit of owning a puppy from a breeder with generations of selective breeding.


Anything worth doing takes time, dedication, and a great foundation. Our breeding stock is that sure foundation.

Lifetime Commitment

Please Join our Facebook group for past/upcoming clients. We know you’ll be happy the day you pick your puppy up and long after that.

About Us

We strive for only the best. This means Genetic Health testing, stacked pedigrees with outstanding lineage, and conformation that is Breed correct. We love our dogs, they are so much more to us than just pets. They enjoy lives of total freedom with us. We hope to change lives for the better by providing quality Frenchie puppies to people and families.

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Client Reviews

“Believe me it does not get any better than Yellow Rose!t”
“We now have two dogs from Lana, and she is absolutely the best.”
“Great people and they made the process so easy. We will be coming back for another one for sure.”